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Explore the wonderful world of Teyvat with various characters that you can wish for with primogems.

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Barbatos: The God of Freedom

Barbatos, also known as Lord Barbatos or the God of Freedom, is the current Anemo Archon of The Seven who presides over Mondstadt.

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Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun: Plane of Euthymia

The Raiden Shogun is unique as she is comprised of two beings in one body: Ei, the current Electro Archon of Inazuma; and the Shogun.

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Morax: The God of Contracts

Morax, also known as the God of Contracts and Rex Lapis, is the current Geo Archon and a member of The Seven. He had been presiding over Liyue prior to revoking his providence in the last Rite of Descension.

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